Tuesday, December 2, 2008

I'm so ashamed

No...I did not get kidnapped in Paris and sent to work washing dishes in some Parisian restaurant. Nor did I get sucked into the bowels of a great fabric store only to be forever lost among the Parisian toile. You know what happened? Life happened! I got home, people got sick (and since we have 5 kids it takes 2-3 weeks for it to run through the family), the holidays came and then......DUNH, DUNH, DUHHHHHH. My hubby got sent to work in Michigan.

So now from Monday morning to late Friday night I am alone with the 5 lovely children that I brought into this world. Thankfully my in-laws live 5 minutes down the road and are mindful of the fact that I need to be away from my children every so often to retain my sanity. Thankfully my hubby's company didn't want him to turn down the MI assignment so they pay for him to fly home every weekend. Thankfully he still has a job in this horrible economy.

However, this all adds up to one thing - I have abandoned my blogging site. I have no energy to take photos. I have no energy to write posts. I am trying to keep my sanity. My mom said to me, "It's just like you're a military wife who has to take care of the kids while the husband is away on assignment." To which I replied, "I always said there was no way I'd be a military wife because I didn't want to take care of the kids by myself while my husband was away." God bless the men and women that do it. I hate it! I miss us just talking in the evening about what happened during the day. It's not the same on the phone. We get on there and can't remember what we wanted to talk about and end up getting off after 5 minutes. Since it's been so long, I felt that awkwardness. It's like when you tell someone you'll call them back and then you forget to and then the longer you wait, the worse you feel about not calling them and then you can't call because your embarrased that it took you so long to call back?! So I made the call and I know that those of you that haven't abandoned the site yet will forgive me.

But we had a good time in Paris. I want to go back! Now that I have returned to my blog, maybe I'll tell you about the trip as I get the chance/energy/inclination. I haven't touched the sewing machine since I've been home - that's how busy I've been. :-( So, I can't afford to send out craftygiveaways for free any more. I was thinking about revising the giveaways. Would you all be interested in givewaways where you pay postage if you win? How about if we do grab bag giveaways? As much fabric as I can stuff into a flat rate box and you pay the postage? I think the flat rate boxes mail for about $8. Let me know what you think.