Monday, June 9, 2008


doll house tornado
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As a mother of five children in a moderate-sized (1875 square feet) home, space is always at a premium. Five kids from ages 9 months to 8 years means five times the clothes, five times the toys, five times the books, and five times less space for my craft stuff. As you can see, even the doll house people are not safe from the destruction that is five children.

I have lurked on other blogs and drooled enviously over whole craft rooms, craft basements, and even craft corners. They are all neatly arranged with fabric nicely stacked and various items strewn around for inspiration and decoration. My craft stuff, on the other hand, has been relegated to the garage on industrial shelves, stuffed in plastic bins and boxes of all sizes. My "crafting corner" is a folding banquet table set up in what should be our dining area with piles of unfinished projects covering all but one third of the table where the sewing machine is. My husband gave up asking when I was going to "put away" my sewing machine and has resigned himself to the fact that it is a permanent fixture in our living/dining room.

I have decided that I too deserve a nice, organized crafting space. But to get there, I need to purge. This is also an idea spurred on by blog lurking. I see people living simply - not surrounded by clutter. I'm all for no clutter. I frequently purge the toys in the house. We would be overwhelmed if we didn't. I also regularly organize. Everything has a place - once again out of necessity.

Now it's time to tackle the beloved craft stash. I am overwhelmed by leftovers and unused, well-intentioned purchases made before I had five kids. That was when I thought I would have all this time to devote to my crafting passions. HA!! I'm lucky now if I have time to devote to a shower. My "passion" is now usually performed from 11:00pm to 3:00am. Even then it's infrequent. I know there are those of you out there that have more time - or use their time more wisely than I. So I thought I would weed through my stash and create giveaways. Everyone loves free things, and who doesn't love winning?! We're all suckers for raffles, lotteries, publishers clearing house sweepstakes, etc....

This blog will be used to post assortments of giveaways relating to crocheting, knitting, sewing, quilting, scrapbooking and other crafts. I'll also post my projects that I'm working on. Some will be given away after I finish them, others I'll post just to show you. I hope to do these giveaways at least once a week, once we get enough traffic. So tell your friends that there's this crazy lady giving her stuff away - her precious crafting stuff. The only thing I ask is that you send me pictures in return of what you do with the stuff you receive in the giveaway. I would love to know how my sacrifice benefits you. Thank you for reading. Send me your comments. I'd love to hear from you.


ginger said...

Welcome to Blog Land! As a mother of 4 that fit in your demographics (8yrs.-20mo.) I understand the time issue! Although I have a dedicated quilt room, it is in the basement, and not convenient to go down there and quilt often. I set my sewing machine up in the dining room for a while and got lots done here and there throughout the day. It was awesome!

Good luck with everything. I look forward to lurking on your blog!

(PS, I found you through Tall Grass Studio)

Anonymous said...

I second Ginger's sentiment of 'Welcome to Blog Land'. Be warned - it's a bit addicting. I too, have more than my small house (or my very understanding husband) can handle. As a new mom (again - there's a nine year spread between my boys) I'm not finding as much time to use up my stash as I used to. Come on over to my blog and see what I do manage to get done.

magikquilter said...

Hi well that was a delightful inaugural blog post! Beautifully written and conveyed all that you wished it to! Also what a clever idea to drive traffic and create like minded blog buddies.

I too have very little room. We live in a flat in Sydney which does not even have a dining rooom and has a galley kitchen. Luckily there are only the three of us and we have a garage for storage. Has a down side though as I am waiting for knee replacements and find it hard to get down to the garage / storage area to tidy and stocktake as much as I would like!

I sew in a corner of our bedroom and have to move everything at night so that my husband can get into bed! [I lay my work out on the bed as I finish blocks etc] That means sweeping up all the threads each night and getting them off the bed too although I sometimes remember to put down the large felt piece to cover the duvet first!

I agree with Ginger that I would get more done if I had the machine in the lounge but as there is so little room its not an option. Like you I sew into the night and would get so much more done if the machine was in the lounge but that is out as being in a small space sound carries so I work on hand stitching during the wee hours instead.

Anyway good luck with your are on my google reader now!

BumbleVee said...

I have a space dedicated to my fun stuff ...and no kids....and still spread it all over the house and don't find enough time to do Mom's do it?

Anonymous said...

I have a banquet table too, in my bedroom. As we have limited space (3 boys, ages 17,15, and 2 1/2 yrs)
I had to find a way to have my sewing mahine set up, I got rid of my dresser to make room for a table in the corner of my bedroom and convienced my hubby to install shelving up high on the wall (wonderful way to keep my sharp scissors and rotary cutters out of busy little hands)

Stephanie D. said...

Although I got some stuff done when DD was little, it wasn't until she was an older teen that I really got to spend any time crafting. Then my life and house were too cluttered and felt chaotic.

When we moved across the country and downsized is when I really found the time and space to do what I love. Go figure.

nclangs said...

I think those people are laying on the floor in my playroom right now too!!! Welcome to blogging. With 3 kids it is hard to keep things out of little hands. I finally got a room to myself, then couldn't find time to use it. Now as the last one has just turned 3, I feel safe letting him play in the other room while I sew in my room. I created a blog after "lurking" around a LOT! It has fore family happenings than crafting, but I hope to create a happy balance. Again, Welcome!!!